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Macau: The Best Place to Be for Companies

Macau, also known as Macao, is just minutes away from Hong Kong, enjoys an open economy, excellent location and great infrastructure.  It has a free port with no exchange controls and money which flows in and out freely.  Investors from all over the world are attracted to Macau and for very good reasons indeed.

According to a recent World Trade Organization (WTO) evaluation, Macau’s open trade and investment policy remains popular all over the world. What are the advantages which a business can get if it chooses to go ahead with Macau company registry?

  • Favorable trading environment
  • Low taxation system
  • Low operating cost
  • Stable financial system
  • Excellent offshore service system
  • Good entry to Chinese and Portuguese-speaking trading countries

Two types of Macau Companies

Companies in Macau are grouped into two, namely;

  1. Macau offshore company
  2. Macau local company

Company Formation in Macau

Macau adheres to the market economy system and free port policy allows people, as well as goods to enter and leave the capital freely.  Company formation is relatively simple and the procedures which apply to local and offshore companies are easy to follow. Macau has business relationships with more countries all over the world and has affiliations with over 50 organizations.

Any and all commercial practices in the city are in accordance with international laws. Investors who are looking for the ideal environment find Macau among the best in the world. Macau is ranked 26th country in the world with the freest economy.

Types of Local Companies in Macau

  1. Economic interest group
  2. Corporate commercial enterprise
  3. Personal commercial enterprise

Macau’s Economy

Macau has an economy which is very stable. From 2007 to 2012, the country’s annual GDP is 13.3%. For the first six months of 2013 alone, the GDP grew by 10.5%. Macau’s unemployment rate is also very low. These are just some of the things which investors from all over the world love very much because it gives them assurance that their business and capitals would not be out in jeopardy.

Offshore Companies in Macau

Those who wish to establish offshore companies in Macau will need to pay a fee of MOP 5,000 to a government authority and also pay a semiannual operating fee which can be as low as MOP 5,000 or as high as MOP 15,000, depending on the capital amount. The capital amount required for offshore businesses is MOP 25,000 to MOP 100,000.