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The various kinds of services that one can expect from a corporate secretary

A corporate secretarial service provider has a vast pool of services to choose from. An organization which is fairly self-reliant may not need all and hence have the option of picking and choosing what they need. Below are the broadly classified services that can be availed:

  • Assistance and advice

This is amongst the foremost services where a corporate secretary would help with various types of administrative changes that the company may be willing to make. It makes sense to hire the services of a professional here since some of these services are one time only and hence not practical for a company to hire a resource for the same. The formation of the company, its dissolution, re-registration, strike offs, name change, restructuring, floatation of shares are some of the events in which a corporate secretarial service is of assistance.

  • Compliance

Corporate secretarial services are of utmost help when filing statutory returns, annual registers and filling for any changes in the administration of the company.

  • Outsourcing of all services

The management of the company’s annual general meetings, maintaining and regularly updating the minutes of the board meetings and making announcements of the issues of IPO or any other matter on the stock exchange are all a part of services that a company secretary would provide if all of its administrative operations are outsourced.

  • Maintenance of global companies

The management of global and multinational companies is considered much more challenging than regular companies working out of one geographic location only. The help of corporate secretarial services is considered very useful in the following cases:

  • Formation of foreign branches
  • Administration of foreign branches
  • Registering the agents and office names in accordance with the regional laws
  • Documentation relating to the foreign branch
  • Services relating to annual compliance
  • Documentation which is related to any restructuring decision of the company


  • Other services

Corporate secretarial services can be used when an organization has to name a company secretary in their official fillings or maintaining and updating documentation relating to company’s statutory requirements. Other kinds of services including filling up of any interim vacancies in a company and ensuring that work continues smoothly or managing the in-house legal and compliance department of the organization. The work of a corporate secretary in an organization is to manage an update all documentation requirements and to ensure that the various departments have their compliance documents updated at all times too.