How People Live Their Lives in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a very colorful and a worldly-wise city that warmly welcome emigrants. Outstanding schools, healthcare and its culture make it a great place to work and live.

For 150 previous years, Hong Kong has been centre of attention of people all over the world to explore opportunities and set up their businesses. Today, the city is a home to a vibrant and diverse business community.

Hong Kong is Asia’s most cosmopolitan city; it boasts support and services structures it takes to provide a very homely feeling for international residents, while still having its own unique identity and culture. That is the reason why it’s called Asia’s world city. It’s beautiful scenery, compact size, friendly international community and buzzing nightlife all contribute to offer the most amazing expat living in Asia. It is also known to be one of world’s large and safest cities.

Hong Kong is a city which has 2 official languages, Chinese and English. Although, 97% of the population uses Cantonese, business is usually discussed in English. Almost all information, including government, signs, business websites and announcements is provided in Chinese as well as in English.

Hong Kong offers a large range of locations and homes, including apartments in high rise developments located in the city to the traditional houses in country areas. Expatriates can go for any location that seems best to them, from the beachfront apartments, to the buzz of Hong Kong Island. Serviced apartments are also available for short term stays. You can get the best, suitable accommodation, exactly as you want it to be.

Schooling in Hong Kong provides a very good quality education. Numerous international schools are located here. Students come from overseas to study in the universities present in Hong Kong. Children who study and live in Hong Kong grow up with friends from all over the worlds. These children also get exposed to other languages.  Mandarin is often taught in international schools as the second language.

Hong Kong has high quality private and public healthcare systems. Many government hospitals and clinics, offer less expensive healthcare to the public. Private healthcare is also outstanding and provides holistic, western and traditional Chinese medicine as well. English-speaking specialist is straightforward.

Building business and social networks, and meeting new people in Hong Kong is very easy. There are many chambers of business, commerce and other associations, private clubs, consulates, networking clubs and special interest groups where you can meet many other expatriates.